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Knowldge Management Operator

Published on the April 21, 2023 in IT & Programming

About this project


A responsive web application that allows to visually map knowledge and interconnect  its minimal components to generate a knowledge interpretation for an individual along his life filters confirmations

Project overview

We start on a white infinite canvas where you can zoom in and out for setting circles that can be fully configurable, size color, bg, textures. Such circles is a center point where your can derive axis from it. In each of the axis we have arches. In each arch we hang smaller ciricles with equal configuration styles. Each arch groups knowleges of the same branch. Such archs are moveble along this axis. The closer it is to its central circle more relance this arch becomes for the knowledge you are mapping. We name each axis, we name each archs and each circle allows to add a name , a picture, an weblink, a file (doc,xls,ppt,mp3,mp4), a hashtag, that are on click allows a quick visualization of the content of this link by zooming in and out this canvas

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
What is the scope of the project? Create a new app
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have an idea
Required availability As needed
Required platforms iPad
I need to Create an app
App type Management - Management application (appointments, product stock, etc.)
Similar apps Other
Back-end is required Yes
Payment gateway No

Delivery term: August 30, 2023

Skills needed