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Local Factory Quotation Surveyor for Outdoor Products (Apparel and Equipment) India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam

Published on the June 22, 2023 in Admin Support

About this project


We are "Courage Co., Ltd." And located in Kyoto, Japan. 

We sell products specialized in outdoor goods on the e-commerce market under the brand name "lad weather". We have a store on Amazon, Rakuten Market, yahoo! and offer more than 250 products, including camping gear, bbq equipment, shoes, shirts, jackets, innerwear, and more.

Lad weather's website is https://lad-weather.com/jp.

Please take a look and see what kind of product lineup we have.

I need a freelancer to conduct a quote survey for outdoor products including both apparel and equipment. We prefer someone with experience in market research, data analysis and some apparel knowledge.

The products to be searched for are both our existing products and newly developed products.
In each case, we will send you a "Request for Quotation" form by e-mail with the product information to be searched for.

Job description :

1) We will send you a "Request for Quotation" (a detailed specification sheet of our products) by e-mail. The "Request for Quotation" will include pictures of the product and a detailed description of the materials, required functions, and required accessories for shipment.
2) We will ask you to list the companies and factories that you think can produce the product based on your understanding of the specifications, target price, etc., As described in the "Request for Quotation" (at least 30 companies). (30 or more companies)
3) Contact the listed companies and factories, inform them of the information in the "Request for Quotation" and that the project is for export to Japan, and collect the "Quotations" from the companies and factories. (At least 10 quotations are required.)
Report to us with a list of the collected quotations, company name, company website, name of the person in charge, and contact information (contact method). (The reporting deadline shall be within one week from the date of request)

We are currently considering manufacturing in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam, so we are looking for someone who lives in these 8 countries and can connect our company with local factories. We prefer someone who can communicate closely with our company, and who can prepare documents and speak English or Japanese. We plan to communicate with you via e-mail and SNS.

Category Admin Support
Subcategory Market research
What is the scope of the project? For several products across several countries
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: Not specified

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