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Developement of the Icon and Font of the Reatil Software and brand named "Seeware".
- Seeware is a Retail Management System build for Microsoft platform.
- Build specifically to solve the needs of companies that are looking for a software to Solve and Increase Sales.
- Uses all the Communications available: Smartphones, Tablets, Cloud Computing, Kinect
- Important Gesture (Touch, Taps, Drag&DRops, Links, PopUp Menus) Implementation for Windows Users.
- It works on the cloud or localy and uses MySQL Database.
why we build seeware retail management system:
- for make it more usefull, to make it more enjoyable for end users
- it communicates with sales
- to deliver tools that sale your customer products
- give a real ux sales personal tool
- give to customers "what you see, what you get" software retail.
seeware main features:
- high performance in data access
- native database multi company/multi branch/multi stock/unit conversion
- native business intelligence database
- fast consult data response
seeware personality:
- dynamic
- mature experience
. Complex Ideas made Simplicity for others
- Powerfull
- Knows Perfect what He Wants
- Always Listens
- Faster Goal Resolution
You must build the Logo and the Font Brand "Seeware" and must be totally compatible with the design of the Interface already implemented and working.
attached files:
- seeware was a years ago known as "seweare" and the main feature at that time was that "connected" in a native way the data generated by their subsidiaries/stores, so, the logo tried to transmit "connectivity".
The CDR file is that Logo mentioned.
The rest is the actual interface of Seeware. We wanted to give it in order of the compatibility of Concepts.
* Category: Design & Multimedia
* Subcategory: Logo Design
* Is this a project or a position?: A project
* Required availability: As needed
* Logo type: Iconic logo (A brand with a logo related to its name)

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