Magento expert Sr. Developer for global e-commerce site

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We’re looking for a passionate senior Magento developer (5+ years of experience) with very good knowledge of php, html and js to develop from scratch a very innovative and cutting edge ecommerce platform for the global markets
we would prefer a long term relationship together.
We embrace agile management practices with daily progress and assessment of the work. We like to overcommunicate and provide instant feedback so we are sure we keep alignment at all times.
Your English level (conversational and written) and ability to understand others and make yourself understood to team members is mandatory.
We have a strong preference for working directly with freelancers rather than companies/agencies.
To apply please provide the following:
a- List three magento ecommerce sites you have directly developed during the past three years:
i- url (live url we can click and see how it’s working). Don’t provide static screenshots, we need to see it live
b- List three magento extensions you have installed/customized and are currently live on any of the sites you listed in a-
c- How many hours will you be available daily (Mon to Fri and sat eventually) for this job and what timeframes you commit to be available for meetings, discussions and progress development (provide this in gmt offset)
we will only take into consideration applicants who provide all the required information, so please don’t waste yours nor our time if you don’t have all the information ready exactly as we require it.
To apply, start your application with the magic word ‘ecommerce rules’
Thank you

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