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Hi! I already have the specifications of the web. I need a designer to make the visual content (images, etc.) And a programmer that works with wordpress to adapt the contents to the website. + details
Hi I'm looking app developer to build up new fresh source code app like carousell app with same function and payment function. Must have buyer seller, admin and staff function. Need backend dashboa... + details
The Project create algorithms to: Make an Android stand, walk and sit down with human-like movement. Acme Robotics have developed an Android, in collaboration with their partners AndroidsRus, th... + details
Store to set up, tried a few free ones (eg: Shopify, Wix) but they are limited on the way we want to set up our ordering system. Already have the layout pretty much done, most of the work needed is... + details
We need a qr code for our customers to make payment to us using our existing paynow id. Problem:When customers submit the wrong Paynow ID,we do not receive the payment. Solution: QR code for our cu... + details

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