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On Call - Forwarding calls and Wp

Published on the June 01, 2023 in IT & Programming

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Project: Application for redirecting calls and WhatsApp messages.

The objective of the application is to redirect calls and whatsapp messages to employees who are on call according to the schedule and day that each employee has assigned.

In this way, the application must allow assigning one or several time ranges per day of the week so that the calls and WhatsApp received by a user are redirected to the previously assigned numbers.
Each user has a unique or multiple cell phone number that works as a reception number for calls, the application must check what day and time range it is in and forwarsd the call or WhatsApp to those numbers.

Example 1:
An employee of an elevator company is covering his work shift on a Saturday at 7:00 p.m. The building employee notice that one elevator doesn't work and decides to call the company's on-call number. This guard number corresponds to the user of the application. When the building manager makes the call to the on-call number, the application must receive this call (or whatsapp) and redirect it to the person assigned in the system.

Example 2:
A support employee is on passive duty. The company receives complaints through a WhatsApp chatbot. The customer decides to make a query through the chatbot. The application must take that WhatsApp message sent by the client and, depending on the date and time, it must redirect it to the employee who is working in that range. The employee must receive the message sent by the customer and the phone number from which the customer contacted in order to communicate with the customer.


- Development in C# .net (pwa).
- Mobile, responsive, PWA.
- Database: Postgresql.
- Messaging service: Twilio.

- Login screen
- Screen for assigning schedules and telephone numbers with the possibility of creating, modifying and deleting assignments. Possibility of assigning a full day (24 hours), half a day (12 hours), a quarter of a day (6 hours), a 4 hour range or a personalized time range.

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Web development
What is the scope of the project? Create a new custom site
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Required availability As needed
API Integrations Other (Other APIs)
Roles needed Developer

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