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Optimization of existing Crm with very specific characteristics

Published on the June 11, 2021 in IT & Programming

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USD 250 - 500

Optimization of existing CRM with very specific characteristics. I attach them below:

Good morning,  I'll send you crm design details for the https://online-tesis.com. It is based on the drafting, correction and advice of Undergraduate Projects, Thesis, Thesis, Monographs, Preliminary Projects, Scientific Articles among other related research.
Our customers are located throughout Latin America and around the world in general. We receive international payments and guarantee security and transparency to all customers. We basically have 50 experts currently from various areas and academic levels.
They are also from various parts of the world. Therefore, CRM must have the following characteristics:

1) Have the same color palette and style as the page (https://online-tesis.com)
2) Have one version in Spanish and one in English
3) Be able to log in from any device (such as pc, tablet and phone)
4) Be able to stay at our hosting (webempresa.com)
5) That can be stable and preferably maintenance-free
6) May be available 24/7
7) Make it completely safe and private
8) That up to 50 people can connect simultaneously in it under the 2 modalities that I will soon comment on
9) That allows communication by messages and audios of Human Talent and Customers (students). I will shortly describe the organization chart of the company.

10) That it can be expandable and can naturally have the modules that I will shortly describe.

Organization Chart: The company is distributed in the following roles: Human Talent 1: Its function is the permanent communication by WhatsApp Business and Gmail with the experts (research editors) in order to send details of the quote (the research to be developed), and everything related to monitoring and quality control. Human Talent 2: Its function is based on permanent communication with students by WhatsApp fundamentally. It responds to details such as the fees the student has to pay to release the content (research progress) and everything related to responses they need at the confidence level and current state of the research, like some other point detail.
Human Talent 2 is also responsible for processing payments to experts (writers). Attention to The Public 1 and 2: They take care of the permanent communication through WhatsApp Business, Facebook and Instagram Messenger and Smartsupp  of prospects and incentivize them to contract the service. They are the ones who collect all the information to give them a price and give you the confidence to pay the initial fee.
Once the customer has paid for it, a template (which is 12 questions) is sent to ensure that we know all the details of it and be able to assign them an expert. Head of Web Design: He is in charge of the maintenance/security work of the page, as well as any updates or modifications that are requested and that improve the qualities of the same. SEO Boss: It is responsible for publishing articles with SEO features to position us in search engines.
They also translate the same into the English version. It also posts on Facebook and Instagram, but it doesn't communicate with customers because it's not part of their competencies. That would  be everything until now.
Then we will include an Audiovisual Head who will be in charge of publishing videos on YouTube.

Modules that CRM must have:

First Module (Customers): Its function is to register customers and prospects (Both cases we would fill them out manually) You must be able to record the details of the research they hired: Country, Academic Area, Academic Level, Research Type, Number of pages, shared documents, delivery date of content advances (including final delivery) and price (net value to be paid by the student). This module should have the option to send notifications 3 days before the delivery date of a student content feed (to anticipate human errors of any stage) and send notifications when a content feed was delivered to the student and the student has not yet paid (delayed with payment) in order to avoid human error for collection.
Second Module (Accounting/Financial): Interconnects to the customer module and allows you to measure revenue/egress, add fixed and variable costs, and determine one-month net earnings. As well as designing charts that allow easy understanding of this quantitative data.
Third Module (Marketing): This module is interconnected to the customer module in terms of the registration of leads and customers.
It should be able to with the database send mass marketing campaigns by email of various kinds, such as promotions, discounts, among others.
Fourth Module (Public Attention): You must have the ability to interconnect 2 WhatsApp Business, Facebook and Instagram Messenger and SmartSupp  accounts in the same CRM (a chat we have on the page) so that you can manage leads more efficiently and avoid any kind of human error.
Fifth Module (Student/Client Interface and Expert/Editor).
Naturally, the interface of the expert and that of the student must be different. The expert's after registering on the page we could from there assign quotes (investigations) with all the details so a chat box is recommended and the possibility to attach documents of any kind. You should have the option to give it a rating of 1 to 5 stars depending on your performance.
As for the student/client module you should also be able to communicate fluently and attach the documents you prefer and from there be able to receive the progress of your research. Because of our transparent and secure way of working, the advance is first sent to you in protected mode, i.e. The student must be able to view it, but not download or share it in any way until he pays the corresponding fee.
Once the paid student can be released the content (so we do in Gmail, but the platform must have that same capacity).

As for CRM users they could be classified as follows:

Administrators (all permits included) to Human Talent 1 and Human Talent 2
Public Service: Only enabled by the Customer Module and the Public Service module
Experts/writers: Only enabled your editor interface. All other disabled permissions
Students: Only the student interface is enabled. All other modules disabled.

Project overview

I need a diagnosis of all the functions that it needs to be made and based on that propose a budget and delivery schedule for the resolution of the same

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Web development
What is the scope of the project? Medium-sized change
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have specifications
Required availability As needed
Roles needed Developer

Delivery term: Not specified

Skills needed

JavaScript MySQL PHP CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM SugarCRM Zoho CRM

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