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Paid advertisement contractor for my agency

Published on the September 26, 2023 in Sales & Marketing

About this project


Searching for an experienced contractor to become a part of my team.

I'm the owner of marketing/creative agency and in pretty short time I'll need an expert in field of paid promotion for my clients.

What skills I expect you to have:
- Experience in working across different advertising platforms (for different target audiences - Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc). The more platforms you're experienced in, the more is the chance of us working together. I work with clients from wide variety of fields (by now). Later this range will be dramatically narrowed , but at the moment I need an universal specialist.
- Proficiency in Facebook Ads
- Managing already existing ads and improve service as needed
- Analysis of market, target audience and business niche client is working in (for example roofing service)
- Ability to create different lead generation strategies
- Manage client's budget effectively, to provide the highest ROI possible
- At the end of specific time period provide a precise report with all the metrics included (money spent, leads gained, money earned, current ROI etc.), So client could constantly see our progress.

What do I expect from you, as my team member?
- Good English writing and speaking skills
- Willingness to explore new niches and gain experience in working internationally
- Communication skills (answer any client's questions, fast reply etc.)
- Constant learning and skill improvement desire

It is worth mentioning that you'll be paid monthly based on your activity and service provided. If you'll get results, you can expect generous offers from my side.

Category Sales & Marketing
Subcategory Advertising on Google, Facebook
What do you need? Medium-sized campaigns
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: Not specified

Skills needed