Pictogram design for Adwords

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We want to use for Adwords advertising a pictogram. Each visitor, whatever language he speaks should see from pictrogram the nature of our service. (We inspect used heavy equipment).
The pictogram should be 1200 x 629 px. It shows an excavator with a crack in the boom and the magnifying glass is enlarging the view to this crack. The pictogram shall contain a stamp as per attached picture (inspected by Mevas.jpg)

I am not a great illustrator but I made a draft for understanding. Please consider, the pictogram will be shown on desktop screens as on mobile devices. It should look good in full solution but also when scaled to just 20%.

Category: Design & Multimedia
Subcategory: Infographics
Project size: Small
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed

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