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Hello everyone.

I need someone to create a poker infographic for me.

The infographic theme is "5 Steps to achieve your first one thousand dollars playing online poker"

I imagined an infographic like this:

"A character at the beginning of a road, this road will split into two paths, one for the beginner player and one for the more advanced player.

Each of the paths will have 4 steps, each step is a tip for the person to reach the goal. At the end of these paths they will meet again (the fifth step) and take you to a castle made of poker chips, this castle will have a flag and the flag will have written "A thousand dollars."

I'm putting a draft that I did to describe better my idea.

Please note that this is only a draft, I'm not illustrator, then only use it as a reference ok?

Deadline: I need this infographic urgent, no later than Saturday.

I am available for any clarification.

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