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This APP will only work for a company and for that reason it will not be published in any store.

The purpose of it is to have the proper tools to download and install it directly to each cellular phone. It will only be used by a small team of salesmen and for one company only.

It’s meant to be used to obtain a comparison on what a company is paying for his payroll and how much they can save with a pension’s program.

Each salesman will be able to open the APP in front of his client, select the contact (Previously, they need to have that client in their Iphone or Android’s phone) and enter information, as described in the excel document attached.

In just second the client has to receive an email with to PDF documents.

One that has to be created by this APP and its programming and other that is pre-design and that it just has to be attached to the mail.

Both PDF are not designed yet, but attached to this project we are showing an example.

We need to have a panel administration to set or change values needed for calculation, described in the excel doc.

Also, we need to be able to set copies of each mail in the panel administration, to more than one mail, but besides that we need to send an mail, working as a report, to an email that has to receive the name of the salesman, the name of the client, and the data entered in the APP.

This will be sent to a gmail account mail that will only be used for this purpose and that will be connected through in order to open a card in trello with that info. All this meant to follow up on any lead, from any salesman.

It could be great to have a log of mails sent with a download option, in excel or CSV format, choosing period of days of that report or some kind of view to compare between cards opened in Trello and the mails sent.

Please consider this to run on a Linux server.

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