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Psychedelic Research Center

Published on the January 26, 2021 in Engineering & Manufacturing

About this project


I want to build a building, designed for the sole purpose of researching psychedelic chemicals and allowing people a safe place to trip.

Note: This project won’t be rushed, and ideally everyone that helps with it, should have some psychedelic experience. The building will most likely be built in Brazil, where the majority of psychedelics are legal, but If we get the approval of the usa government, we will start in the usa. Eventually though my vision is to have centers in every country and every state that allow for safe, and responsible psychedelic adventures!

Project overview

An octagon shaped building, multiple stories tall that accommodates living quarters for 10 or more people, an industrial kitchen, a neuroscience lab and brain monitoring equipment, first aid/emergency services and a medical staff on hand. For now, we need a 3-D or CAD drawing to help potential investors visualize the project.

Category Engineering & Manufacturing
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