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Real-Time Virtual Assistant for Finances, Taxes, Recruitment, Budget, Payroll & Management

Published on the July 31, 2020 in Admin Support

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Less than USD 10 / hour

Hi, we are FQN CommUnity Network, a social-profit community organization looking for help to transform the world. All workers are required to speak fluent professional english, and work collaboratively as a team during real-time scheduled sessions. The Position is required to be able to work directly with the CEO, Executive Committee, and the HR Board in a beneficial capacity to follow through on top priorities including finances, taxes, recruitment, budget, payroll and management.
People who are not able to keep up with the complex global work priorities will not be a good fit for the position. To be eligible for this position you need to be available during global sessions 1-5 times per month, at all times of day and night. Additionally we are focusing on our new world recruitment during daylight hours in the Americas.

We are a bottom up collaborative organization that empowers all members to participate in decision making including our hiring process. Everyone who wants to will be able to represent their Quadrants/ region of the world, and help decide who we choose to hire. We will be hiring 1-2 people to represent each of the 4 quadrants, as well as a few at large co-chairs if needed.
As leaders in our organization, our goal is to work towards collaborating with organizations and businesses across the world to help transform our society to be in balance, by building new economic, political, and education infrastructures. In the short term our primary work is operational, accounting, and financial support to just build a functional organization. We need people who are committed to seeing the world transform to improve individual people's lives, and to do the hard financial and operational work foundational to any organization.
We are also looking for workers who can master our recruitment and outreach goals to be the face that introduces the public to our community. Are you ready to invest in the future of Society?
Teams that we are hiring for besides our quadrant representatives. Outreach Recruitment & Multimedia, Budget Finances Taxes & Compliance, Partnerships & Sponsorships, Assets Management & Cryptocurrency Trading, Session Support & Board Support, Privacy & Security, Global Pandemic Networking, Life Support, Virtual Organizing
Benefits to Join FQN:
Work as an independent worker as part time or full time worker
You can work remotely from anywhere in the globe.

Offer overtime (1.5x)  and Double Overtime (2x) for night work as we have sessions at all times of day and night
You can work as a team, communicating and working with the world for good Causes
As a start up social profit organization, you build ownership equity within the workers organization and the network as we do good for the world the value will increase.
Paid Maternity & Paternity Leave
Cover costs of coronavirus testing, and out of pocket costs related to coronavirus treatmentment, and paid quarenteens
You will build up backpays gradually on your involvement.
For those who accumulate Back Pay Benefits, you get .
. .  Paid sick leave, paid vacation leave, paid etc…
FQN will cover your internet reimbursement depending on your involvement with the organization.

Skills we are looking for and will help train:
Google Spreadsheets
Admin Support
Data Entry
Self Organization
Self Motivation
Email Handling
Attention to Detail
Step up and take on Positions
Create and update Scalable Systems, Process, and Position descriptions
Show Up On-time and ready for Engagement
Minimum Requirements and Criteria to continue working:
Fluent Professional level English
Professional Communications and Conduct
Follow detailed step by step instructions
Follow All Policies & Protocols including Public Accountability
Set up a Public Online Personnel Profile
Set up a Main Buddy Team and Budget Proposal
Your Budget Proposal must fit in the budget and be approved by the HR Board
To organize and maintain clear worker priorities, responsibility and commitment
Be Available at the times needed for Global & America’s Work Sessions
Set Up a regular schedule with Main Sessions, Work Sessions, & Self-Driven Work
Complete weekly check-ins, 1.5 month goals, reporting and payroll outputs
Engage productively in Real-Time Virtual Assistant Sessions to Assist Executives
Have work reviewed regularly and Follow Through until final output and verification
Learn and follow Regular Work Session & Executive Work Session Policies
Learn and Know Recruitment Responsibilities and help Run Recruitment Round
Completion and Verification on all required General Worker Trainings

Project overview

If you want to apply for this job, please send us a direct message. Before you are approved to be paid, you will have to fill out our intake form, and attend an interview session where you will choose and approve your Main Buddy Team (MBT) budget proposal. Your mbt budget proposal will be your final application and proposal to the hr board for approval. Then approved workers will start in a paid trial period for training and will get all hours paid including communications, emails, real-time sessions, and online messaging. We also cover all fees and taxes to ensure our workers receive the amount agreed to, as well as other worker benefits and equity ownership in the worker organization. If you are not chosen to be part of our active workers budget, you can still be considered for our backup budget, where you get approved in the budget, but do not get approved for hours. Backup workers can be chosen to be activated any day, so if you are chosen to be a backup worker, you could be called up to start working at any moment. Steps to be approved and get Paid: 1) See Post (this post) 2) Fill out intake form: Normal Upfront Pay (Ideal, Lowest, Requested) Intake Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPFZYZByoyHElJuqW-FE2hWID8I7IVL9h9j-pHh45k4ctQng/viewform Detailed 4 budget (Tokens, Benefits, Training & Normal Budget) Intake Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfiBx6jt3qoGtGq3cpvYLHZosuko6OHIlSiZPhmXyQ8jRZXlw/viewform 3) Get on Communication Groups (email groups & Skype Groups) 4) Communicate and Schedule Interview to form mbt proposal application 5) mbt proposal application goes to hr board and gets approved 6) start paid work as a trial period to get training and take on responsibilities 7) if you are approved as a backup worker, then you just wait to be activated and you will be told your ranking so you know the probability you will be chosen soon. Note: your interview and MBT proposal can happen quite fast (30min-1hour), and final approval shouldn’t take more than a week or two, although it can happen faster. Once you schedule and choose your priorities and responsibilities you can work full paid hours even within a week if you focus. You will be able to choose your own pay rate, and make updates to your pay rate on a monthly basis, and takes effect 6 weeks later. As soon as you start interacting with us, be sure to start tracking all of your hours for work reporting which is required in our HR policies. We also encourage all workers to learn more about the FQN CommUnity network, and also review our Worker Rights & HR Policies information. We do payroll monthly, so if you need funds more often than once per month, you will either need to ask for and get approved with an advance, or you will need to get involved in running payroll and doing the work required to increase payroll frequency. For more information about our Recruitment Process you can click on this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xPC_XO9SotqmSO3kRuB87ow6jdROl7-eXJ0p3IUZo3w/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ftf8lZ097Kaw2IuynCT6zKoq1xiGXb1_n97lQzgtTnA/edit# ------ Information about Pay rate: You get to choose your own rate, just be fair. Normal Upfront Pay (Ideal, Lowest, Requested) Intake Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPFZYZByoyHElJuqW-FE2hWID8I7IVL9h9j-pHh45k4ctQng/viewform Detailed 4 budget (Tokens, Benefits, Training & Normal Budget) Intake Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfiBx6jt3qoGtGq3cpvYLHZosuko6OHIlSiZPhmXyQ8jRZXlw/viewform

Category Admin Support
Subcategory Virtual Assistant
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability Part time

Project duration: 1 - 2 months

Skills needed

Admin Assistant Microsoft Excel Virtual Assistant

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