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Good Morning:

- Internet connection (for first usage and device validation).
- Camera (with FaceDetect)
- Geolocalization. We need to get GPS authorization from user, and when he checks-in, get
current location.
- Local Storage (SQLite for example)
QuickPass Mobile is an app that lets the users of our web portal to clock in via face recognition, and
also has the possibility to clock in ; each clock-in is stored as Movement, with its respective data, as
date, geo position, photo, user ID, etc. The app is also constantly retrieving and syncing
geolocalization date from user’s device. To access, users needs to have their devices registered and
validated on our system.
QP Mobile has a local database to store the data of the user (or users, if device is set in multi-user
mode), and also to store the geolocalization data, and logs.
The data that is used to validate the device, and also to send and retrieve face recognition response
is retrieved from the response of our webservice’s functions. More detailed documentation can be
found on
To keep user logged, a database is created, on which we will store device’s and user’s info, and some
other info relevant to do some operations like syncing data with our webservice. There is also a table
that will store geo-localization data, and another one that will store logs (crashes, errors, unexpected
behaviour, relevant info, etc.), which we will continuously try to sync with our webservice. This way,
our support team can analyze the data retrieved.
- SplashScreen:​ The first screen, with our logo and a progress circle. On first usage, we
redirect to Configuration screen, if Country is already selected, we will do a local validation
(via DB) and, if no data is found, we will do a validation asking to our API. Depending on
response, we can redirect here to Main Activity (device validation is OK), or to Register
(device is not found on our system).
QuickPass ​- ​QPMobile App ​Documentation
- Configuration:​ There is a dropdown to select country. It is only displayed if it is the first time
the user opens the app.
- Register:​ Screen with a form, shown if the user device UID is not registered on our system.
On submit, a verification petition will be sent to our Support Team.
- Main:​ ​On this screen we will preview device’s front camera by default, or rear if device has
not front camera.
- Preferences.
- Ticket:​ Users can send a ticket to QuickPass’ support team, selecting reason of the
ticket, and filling subject and description of the incidence. Once sent, the user is
notified with a message containing the ticket ID. Then, they will be redirected to the
main screen.
- Login:​ A simple login screen where user can log in with his QPWeb data, if login is
successful, user will be redirected to Enrol.
- Enrol:​ Is a list of all the users that can be enrolled. If a user is selected, we
will redirect to Main Activity, but in Enrol Mode. That means that when we
press main button on screen, we will prompt a dialog with the photo, and ask
the user if he wants to enrol that photo.

I need time and costs.


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¿Cuál es el alcance del proyecto?: Crear una aplicación nueva
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
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