Scraping a Latam delivery app

Published on the June 09, 2023 in IT & Programming

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The code must contain:     
- a class named <delivery_app>Scraper()     
  - that class needs to have two main methods:         
    1. Scrape_stores_from_coordinates             
        - a method that will get all stores info of a given location             
        - args: lat, lng             
        - returns: store info, e.g.: Store_id, store_name, country, category, chain_name, address         
    2. Scrape_store_products             
        - a method that will scrape the menu info from a store             
        - args: store info, e.g.: Store_id, country             
        - returns: menu info from store a json or html (raw_data)         
    3. Process_row             
        - a method that will get all menu info from a particular store and transform it into the dict to be uploaded in a table             
        - args: row from raw_data created in the method above             
        - return: dict with transformed data with the columns we'll provide         
    4. test script             
        - requirement: run the script for 1000 stores without being blocked     
  - we'll provide you a source code example for the script and proxies, if needed

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Data Science
Project size Medium
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Delivery term: June 16, 2023

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