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Abaixo estão todos os detalhes que precisamos que estejam disponíveis, desculpem mas estão em inglês.

Revised as of 05/02/17 - Review for the new development team.
All windows (SCREEN SHARE, CHAT, TRADE LOUNGE, SNAPSHOT, HANGOUT, RESEARCH CORNER, ONLINE panels) should be able to be resized and minimized within the STN Portal. The main chat window should be able to muted by the user. Moderators / Organizers should be the only users able to post in the main chat panel. Moderators / Organizers should have the ability to CLOSE The STN Portal.

The Organizer / Moderator has the ability to share voice, direct PC program sounds (i.e. TradeTheNews) and video (via webcam or another device) via the STN Portal. The options should include selecting what audio to broadcast. One, many or all. The portal must have the ability to broadcast the screen sharing panel from any moderator’s desktop. The screen share window can be used as a fixed panel on top of the main chat area and should also be able to become free floating at the user's choice. If the user selects the free floating window, the main chat size should auto adjust to the size that has been dedicated for the free floating window. When the moderator is broadcasting, they will require the ability to select the area of their desktop to be displayed. Depending on the member status (Paid / Free), different options would be available including audio / video and screen sharing. When a new member creates an account, they will be taken to a landing page that would explain the benefits of paid membership vs. the free areas. Paid members would have access to audio and video. Audio and Video will be availble to only paying customers. So when they press the play button they need to be taken to the explanation page and then pay and activate.

The SNAPSHOT area should be accessible to all moderators and should have the ability to select FONT SIZE and COLOR selection by each moderator.

A RESEARCH section, under the TRADE LOUNGE panel, will be displayed for all users. (Currently News Search and Company Metrics). The research and company metrics area should be available to all members where they would be able to enter a symbol and data would be collected from or The data returned will include MARKET CAP, INCOME, SALES, EARNINGS DATE, SHARES FLOAT, SHORT FLOAT %, AVERAGE VOLUME for the company metrics. When a news search is engaged, the headlines from will be displayed. When a news story is selected by the user, a separate browser window will be displayed showing the original content news story.
The left and right hand columns should be able to be resized to any width in addition to being hidden at any time by any user. Each column should have the same abilities.

Whoever is an admin, by a right click, will have the ability to kick, mute, check IP of any user information. Via a pop up window of actions that the ADMIN can take.

Time stamp within chat should reflect HH:MM: SS.

Any user can change the background color, font size and sound within the chat section when messages are posted into the STN Portal for their view only. Any user can assign any color, font size and sound to each moderator, again for their view only.

Any user can mute a moderator or another subscriber by right clicking on the person’s name on the Who’s Here list ensuring posts from that moderator or subscriber are not displayed until they are reengaged by the user, for their view only.

On the Who’s Here list, the Organizer / Moderator names should always be defaulted to the top of the list, regardless of room attendees.

There will be a separate trading announcement area (TRADE LOUNGE), each time an Organizer / Moderator posts a trade, a distinct sound will be broadcast based on a sound assigned for each Organizer / Moderator. This area is required to be as easy as possible for moderators to post given the environment related to trading. Speed and ease of use is required. Each post in this area MUST HAVE the TIME the post was made in HH:MM:SS format.

Each Organizer / Moderator should have the ability to select from a small present sound bank for broadcast into the room at any time.

Every time a ticker is posted in CAPS (i.e. IBM) in the main chat, additional information will be available to the user by right mouse clicking on the symbol. This information will include, MARKET CAP, INCOME, SALES, EARNINGS DATE, SHARES FLOAT, SHORT FLOAT %, AVERAGE VOLUME.

A moderator option to show a TWITTER post in the main chat area when important accounts (Adam F., CITRON, STN Mods…) have tweeted. Any tweet that is created by the previously selected TWITTER account will display in the main chat panel.

Any Organizer / Moderator must have the ability to EDIT or DELETE a previously posted CHAT or TRADE item quickly.
Within the RESEARCH CORNER, instead of using an arrow to minimize, design a minimize switch (GREEN for active, RED for minimized) to minimize the RESEARCH CORNER. SEE EXAMPLE. This would look very modern compared to standard functionality within similar platforms. When this area is minimized, it will be minimized to the bottom of the column with the ability to restore quickly. When the RESEARCH CORNER is minimized the TRADE LOUNGE window would then be expanded within the column.

The HANG OUT area is an additional room for subscribers to chat with each other. Moderators / Organizers will have the ability to edit / delete any posts as well as restrict / kick users. The platform should filter keywords (to be selected) that when written, the user is automatically kicked out of the room for a select period of time (15 Minutes). When kicked, the user would receive a message displaying the reason for the temporary suspension.

Each person that sends a message should see their own message with a different background color. This way if we need to go back to a previous post it will shorten the “look up” time.

When a user clicks the “Tweet” logo, it will capture the presentation image and send a tweet from their account with an imbedded

When a user clicks the “Tweet” logo within the Company Metrics panel, it will capture the resulting company metrics data and send a tweet from their account with an imbedded

When a user clicks the “Tweet” logo within the Snapshot panel, it will capture the information currently available within the panel and send a tweet from their account with an imbedded

Create an invite a friend button (Twitter, Email) to be displayed in the main area where the user upon the press of one button would have an automated message with an invitation to join STN from them regarding the service.

Each member should be able to select an emoji or image to be displayed beside their username in the ONLINE panel.
PRIVATE MESSAGING - Allow small groups (up to 5) of members to create private messaging group conversations that would open in a separate browser window. This area would be independent of the rules enforced by STN.

Each moderator and member should have the ability to send a private message to one other person by clicking in the online section of the STN portal. We are open to idea’s surrounding the display of PM’s from members. Moderator to Moderator PM’s must also be available.


ACTIVE ROOMS → The left column, ACTIVE ROOMS, will display all the subsequent rooms that are created and available for users to access. The users must have access in order to enter other rooms outside of When a subscriber clicks on a different room, a separate window will open with the same capabilities as the original room. These additional rooms will have their own moderators and organizers, a separate and distinct service within the STN portal. Depending on the service subscriber, a customized version of the STN portal may be necessary. For example, ETRADE, as a service subscriber would have the ability to minimize or disable any panel that would not be necessary to their member environment.

Categoria: IT & Programação
Subcategoria: Outros
Tamanho do projeto: Grande
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Tenho, atualmente: Eu tenho especificações
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Disponibilidade requerida: Período integral
Integrações de API: Mídias sociais (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Payment Processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc), Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), Outros (Outras APIs)

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