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Structural and Thermodynamic Engineer

Published on the July 10, 2023 in Engineering & Manufacturing

About this project


We are currently in search of a highly skilled and experienced individual to join our team as a Structural and Thermodynamic Engineer. In this role, you will be responsible for performing advanced calculations and analyses for a water pump test bench.

Your expertise in structural engineering, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer will be vital in ensuring accurate and reliable calculations.

Project Tasks:

Task-1: I am seeking a skilled professional to perform a thermodynamic analysis on a water pump test bench, which is currently in the design stage. The test bench consists of a 16-inch mild steel pipe that handles a flow rate of 1500 cubic meters per hour under a pressure of 16 Bar. I need to determine the amount of heat rise that would occur when pure water flows through this pipe for a duration of 1 hour. It's important to note that the total length of the loop is 34 meters, and it is connected to a pump with a capacity of 500kW. Additionally, the loop is connected to three water tanks, totaling 17 cubic meters in volume, which adds to the overall volume of the loop. Therefore, the total volume of the tanks and pipeline is 20 cubic meters.

Task-2: I am in need of a professional who can conduct a structural analysis on an MS frame mechanism intended for use in submersible pump testing. The pump will be submerged in water at a depth of 4.5 meters and will act as a cantilever load, positioned 2.5 meters away from the base, with a dead weight of 7.5 tons. The frame structure incorporates a sliding mechanism on which the pump will be seated and immersed into a pool for testing. I require an optimal mechanism that can efficiently handle the load and meet the foundational requirements, both in terms of wall and base support, as required by the civil contractor. Furthermore, a dynamic load study is needed, along with a feasible mechanism to secure and fasten the pump to the base frame during testing.

Project Requirements:
In order to excel in this position, you should possess a deep understanding of engineering principles and be proficient in using relevant software tools especially Solid Works, Ansys or equivalent FEA and Fluid flow analysis software. Your ability to effectively utilize these tools will enable you to accurately assess the performance and efficiency of the pump test bench system.

In addition to your technical skills, we are also looking for someone who is a great team player and possesses excellent communication skills in English. As a member of our team, you will collaborate with other engineers and stakeholders to ensure that all project objectives are met.

About the project:

This is a medium-sized project that is expected to last for a duration of 1 to 5 Days. As an expert, you will be expected to deliver precise and dependable calculations within the given timeframe. Your attention to detail and commitment to quality will be key in ensuring the success of this project.

If you are a motivated individual with a passion for engineering and a strong background in structural engineering, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer, we would love to hear from you. Join us in this exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of a cutting-edge water pump test bench system.

Category Engineering & Manufacturing
Subcategory Industrial design
What do you need? New design from a sketch
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: July 16, 2023

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