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Published on the July 24, 2021 in Engineering & Manufacturing

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Citric acid is produced via fermentation using Aspergillus niger. The plant is considered to produce around 1,000 metric tons of citric acid per year. Glucose is used as a carbon source for this fermentation, and it is diluted with water from about 30% to 50%.
Nutrients (i.e., Sources of ammonium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and zinc) are dissolved in water and heat sterilized.
The extent of the fermentation reaction is set to 99% and the fermentation is carried out for a period of 3.5 days at a temperature of 35 ̊C. Air is supplied at a rate of 0.15 VVM (volume of air per volume of liquid per minute).
Cooling water removes the heat produced by the exothermic process and maintains a constant temperature. To meet the production demand, fermentation is carried out by five fermenters that operate in staggered mode (out of phase); STG01, STG02, STG03, STG04 and STG05. Each fermenter has a vessel volume of 350 m3 and generates broth of around 300 to 315 m3.
Once fermentation is completed, the broth is discharged into the holding tank, which acts as a buffer tank between the fermenter and a rotary vacuum filtration. The pre-separation starts with the removal of biomass with spec of 12 vol/vol cake and 0.3 to 0.4 cake porosity at rotary vacuum filter and then the product (Citric Acid mixtures) is sent to downstream section.
Marking Scheme
Develop PFD in Superpro designer including stream table and gantt chart
2. Methodology to design each unit operations

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