Transcribe Spanish audio - doesn't need to be word for word, but need sentences


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Transcribe ~40 minutes of Spanish audio of a focus group (7 participants), with a bonus if you can translate into English.

You don't need to transcribe word for word, or who said what, just the general ideas that are expressed. Even if you don't catch who the speakers are, you can write "(unknown male voice)". See example below:

Speaker 1: "I, uhm, like to eat chocolates, cakes, and, and pies,
Speaker 2 (interjects): "Oh me too! But cakes are, like, so, um sugary."
(ambiguous speaker): "What about donuts?"

[Final product]:
Speaker 1: "I like to eat chocolate, cakes, pies."
Speaker 2: "Cakes have a lot of sugar."
(unknown): "What about donuts?"

As you can see, it's not direct word for word, I just need to know the context of the conversation.

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