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Translation/adaptation of content from Portuguese into Japanese

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Published: Last year
Deadline: 10 days
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We offer for free content and tests in order to help young people to discover what they should study and work on afterwards. We have helped this way, for free, more than 1 million people in Latin America (in Spanish) and have now started also to offer it in Portuguese so as to include Brazil:

We would like to adapt it so as to try to reach Japanese teenagers too. We would base this on the Brazilian website.

As this is non-profit and without any external founds, we need to keep the budget as low as possible. But if it works properly after this initial test, we could cotinue hiring the professional so as to create more content.

We need the professional to take this project to be 100% perfectionist, as the results of this endeavor will depend on its quality of writing (grammar and relevancy). So PLEASE DON'T PROPOSE YOURSELF FOR THIS PROJECT IF YOUR JAPANESE LEVEL IS NOT PROFICIENT.

There are 4 small stages where you will participate:

1- Investigation: Investigate in general what are youngsters searching for online when they are facing this moment in life where they need to decide what to do afterwards. Concretely, we need to answer these questions:
- In which language do they google? Using Japanese writing? Using Latin letters?
- What are the specific keywords they use for that? In order to answer this, you should use Google Trends for the last 12 months in Japan, for different terms you think a priori that could be used, the relative volume search.
- How many pages and how well are them, when you search for those terms in google? (I'm talking about goolge all the time, but if in Japan people, specially youngsters, don't use Google but another search engine, we should know it)

2- Website domain name: We should define a domain name that is representative for the career guidance thing for Japaneses, and at the same time is short. We will define it based on the previous step, with your help to confirm it.

3- Content translation/adaptation: from the Brazilian website above mentioned, you will be asked to translate/adapt its' content (home, menus, footer, and the blog posts), where for a couple of these articles it implies to re-write them talking about Japanese reality instead of Brazil's one. For blog posts and home page, there are also some small things to be written: title, keywords, short description to be seen in Google.

4- Test online: to translate the short questions and answers of a test similar to this one:

- The articles can NOT contain copy-paste from Japanese websites.
- Perfect Grammar, good content, flowing style and good usage of keywords are a must.
- The project, even though divided in 4 parts for explanatory purposes, is an integral project. There's no value for us to have any of these parts if not all of them. So there will be no partial payment until everything is finished and verified.

- The quality will be measured by a native professional who has volunteered to do this for us. In case she finds a need to make more than 5% of the content (counted in characters), we reserve the right to refuse the payment for the whole project.

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