Translations Doctrine Extension [Zend Framework 2 - Zf2]

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Short Description
The idea of this post job is create an extension or module to extend Doctrine and be able to do translations with a different way of Doctrine Gedmo Extension does.
Table Examples
album (id, type)
album_lang (id_album, id_lang, name, desc)
lang (id, name)
-Having this three tables I would like to manage that with doctrine using annotations.
-We can see we have a table album with the no translatable fields and then we have another one called album_lang with the translatable fields and both id's.
-Adding an annotation on the entity like
@Gedmo\TranslationEntity -- To let doctrine know this entity has translations
doctrine should be able to know where is the translations table and get the fields.
-In a configuration file we should be able to add the suffix string (Ej. _lang) to let doctrine recognise the translations table and the lang table where the languages are.
-Adding an annotation like
on the field doctrine will know that this field will be translatable.
-LIST: Should be able to say to doctrine the lang id and get albums with the translations that correspond to that id.
-VIEW: Should be able to say the lang id or not and give as the object with the translations or no depending if we are sending the id. In case we don't send the lang id Doctrine will provide the object and inside of name an array with the different languages names.
-FORM: Be able to manage the translations in the form.
Should be efficient and with not to much loops...

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