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Published on the November 07, 2022 in IT & Programming

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We require a database where salespeople be able to update the payment record for each client, plus it is required that the clients be able to login with their own user to see the amount of installments they have paid and the remaining ones, and also the seller be able to login to see their own commission (based on the clients payments).

The database must be split in 2, for travel clubs and travel groups.

For travel clubs:
- The spreadsheet: from installment #1 to #20, 50% of each installment is commissioned to the sales agent; installment 5 and 6 corresponds to the supervisor of the seller.
- The royalty fees are applied at the end of the contract, not at the beginning.
- The mountain royalty to installment 15.
- The beach royalty to installment #30.
- Staff may choose if it is a weekly, biweekly or monthly payment and the amount that must be paid.
- There are 4 installments per month, however there are members who pay less or more installments.
- We work with automatic rebate, transfer and local sinpe movil.
- Be flexible when it comes to rebates, i.e. That a rebate can be omitted at the request of the member.
- The installments with which the plan starts are from #1 onwards.
- To allow the advance payment of dues either by rebate or transfer.
- The installments won in the national lottery are applied at the end.
- There are 130 quotas in total, to that is discounted the ones that you have of royalty or that there is won in the national lottery.
- There are members that are not automatically deducted, they deposit, therefore they must be added to the system under another form by entering the vouchers that they send us.
- There are clients that freeze the plan until further notice, therefore the payment of installments is paused until they tell us.
- It is important that the automatic rebate dates are flexible.
- In case of winning the plan with the lottery, it should be clear that the remaining installments were recognized under this benefit.
Under this benefit.
- That it shows how much commission the sales agents have with the periods already implemented, the payroll is paid on the 9th and 24th of each month.
The payroll is paid on the 9th and 24th of each month, and the cut-offs are on the 8th and 23rd.
- The salesperson commissions plans that are by rebate as well as those that are by transfer.
- The number of installments commissioned by the salesperson should be flexible, since not all members are paid the same installments.
- To indicate when the member has already completed the plan and if he/she has already used it by entering where he/she enjoys it, as well as the amount paid and the amount of the reservation.
As well as the amount of the paid reservation and the amount charged to the member.
- General data of the contract and the member.
- That the dates of discounts or payments of each contract can be changed.
- Also, if the member pays installments in cash at the office, it should have a space where to add the receipts of money corresponding to the installments.
For dues.

For group trips
- General file of the group with date of departure, example Mexico Day of the Dead November 1-9,
Guides :3 number of travelers :20
- Within the general file a personal file of the member with general data name, ID, telephone, contract and observations,
contract and observations, as well as the payments made and the amount that is missing, as well as the price of the package taken.
- Number of payment voucher
- Section to save the receipts.
- Amount of each package, can vary between cash price and payment price.
- Travel insurance section with amount, voucher number, date.
- Additional tour payments, voucher, amount.
- Section to attach the vouchers of each member.

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Delivery term: December 15, 2022

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