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short 1-2 sentence job overview What you need the freelancer to do Key skills needed to do the job well What you think a successful engagement will look like for you as a client Why the right f... + details
The freelancer would be for a project. I expect to pay for the total project completed. I need someone to work part-time or full-time as necessary. + details
Hello Carlos, good morning! How are you? My name is Fernanda Dias. I am a Digital Marketing Analyst. I work for a company in Brazil called PowerBiz Group. We're looking for someone who speaks fluen... + details
Our company is deploying a new website in English and Portuguese. We are a Brazilian company and we have written the texts at first time in Portuguese, translating after by using our internal team ... + details
The letter about 3 pages is done but need proof reading for my client. It's a ongoing project which have at least 2 clients a month. + details
I wrote a text in English. I wanna make sure that it's intelligible to native speakers and also that it is grammatically correct, so I need proofreading. It is a travel blog post and I think that i... + details

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