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In order to effectively gauge his proposition, Mr. Robinson asks you to:
1. Design a methodology to determine the fair price of his products. This should consider a) the
incentive structure for the potential buyers (hint: use a credit risk framework), b) the
geographic nature of the product (should it be sold globally, regionally or locally) and c) the
term and interest structure. As reference, note that in essence he is exchanging short-term
gains for long-term uncertainty through a quasi-insurance product.
2. Calculate the value at risk for the deal. Assess the quality of VaR as a risk management analysis
for this kind of deal.
3. Determine the amount of capital that he should hold to be able to face adverse loss scenarios.
4. Advise on the soundness of his idea. Note that this would be a financial product like no other.
Since the loss scenarios match particularly adverse geo-economic circumstances, a lot of things
can go really badly.
5. Assess mechanisms to effectively benefit his offspring (and Charlotte). What is the effect of
time, and the time value of money? Hint: consider the length and impact of “the Dithering”.

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