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I need a website for host an Online Course. I already have the domain and host service. I just need an intuitive, easy navigation site, with a clean and professional design.
It's a course about Online Business.
The Home page must have a place to post a welcome video, and bellow it links to each Module. Each Link (its like a categorie, right?) must have a image on the left or right side. And a space for a brief description of each one.
In each module page, I want links to each class.
Also a sidebar with the Modules, to make it easy to navigate an access the content.
In the head bar i just want something like: Home - About Us - Modules - 90 day Plan - Study Group - Partnership - Contact
My videos are hosted by vimeo. So what I really want is just that. Simple, clean, professional site to put my online course.
Don't need to overcomplicate. Just make it simple and working.
I'm flexible, so if you have better ideas, great! I'm open to it.
And also it's all in portuguese. But we can make changes in the language after the webdesign project is done.

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