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Greetings all!
This first description will be very short, sweet, and to the point. My colleagues and I are in the process of developing an Investment Management Company for individuals, family's, and organizations. Our company's name is Blackmont Capital Advisors and we professionally assist our clients with every financial goal, decision, or problem they may have. Including: Investment in Stocks, Fixed-Assets, Real Estate, and Debt Management.
_We already have_: Logo's (Attached Below), Website Domain, Host, and Online E-mail Host. Hosting site we are using: _EmailAddressStore.com_
We are searching for a group or an individual who is fluent in English, has AT LEAST 2 years of web site design experience, and can provide us with a very simple to navigate, good-looking website in a short period of time.
This website should: be interactive (use of Flash, Javascript, or something like these would be perfect). The overall look of the website should be business-professional, but your creativity should shine through and give our website a Unique and Aesthetically Pleasing feel.
Here are a few sites we like, and want something similiar to them:
[Telemus Capital](http://www.telemuscapital.com)
[Roark Capital](http://www.roarkcapital.com)
[Cerberus Capital Management](http://www.cerberuscapital.com)
[American Capital Management](http://www.americancapitalmanagement.com)
The individual or group who develops our Site will also have the opportunity to develop a Smartphone Application for our Firm, and additional payment from this extra project. This extended contract will depend on the quality of the final WebDesign and its accuracy to what we desire. The Designer of our site will receive compensation based on the quality, ease of use, and accuracy of the final WebSite Design. The Base compensation for a Designer of our choosings Finished Site will be $250. A Site that meets all of our operational demands and looks exceedingly good will receive between $500 and $1200. The finished Application Project will earn the Designer another $350.
Thank You!



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