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I`m looking for launching a digital signage company with a few screens, we use a 3rd party service that accepts an RSS feed, but with a few restrictions. I want to allow my service to receive RSS feed from a news website (Wordpress). The posts are usually made only using a video, so I would need to guide the journalist to post using short Title and Description, and post an image. The content must be available for one day.

Two options, and I request a sense of cost for each:

a) A Wordpress plugin to make it easy to control the content from the production side. It would then get the posted content and repost on my format hidden at the news website and using it to host. In this format I see problems of updating the plugin and chance of being too constrained

b) A webservice that would format both the Title, Image and Description and also the html side, as well as warn the journalist through email if length of text of that post is exceeding what I permit.

- The 3rd party runs AppFlash and it is needed to include a crossdomain.xml file.

- The file cant have html tags, such as

- Images must follow this structure
--> Always double ", never single '
--> & can`t be used
--> Imagens must not be bigger than 200kb
--> Images at the xml with the Flash does not handle: width="672" height="372" , class="attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="balsas 01"

- For the feed to be exhibited at the AppFlash, within the folders, at the root, this XML file http://www.exemplo_site_origem_xml.com.br/crossdomain.xml

- The RSS feed must be the 2.0 type

- The AppFlash can only read Image, Title and Description

- An example http://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/progic-ds-sp/SYSTEM_CONTENTS/AGENCIABRASIL/feed.xml

- To guarantee the accentuation the format must be used

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