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This is an extremely straight-forward project that shouldn't take more than 2 hours.
I want you to write the classic game, "Snake". Here's the game if you've never played it: http://playsnake.org/
I wrote unit tests to verify whether or not the code is correct. The tests fixture is available at http://nimeri.org/test-snake/test.html, and the actual tests are located at http://nimeri.org/test-snake/snaketests.js
I have a few more unit tests that I'll run myself before accepting the solution (so don't just try to hardcode the solutions).
I will accept any reasonable solution that passes the tests.
To get started, download the http://nimeri.org/test-snake/test.html page, and start putting your code within the script tag.
Contact me with questions, and I'll respond quickly.

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