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Internet research and corresponding on websites

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Presupuesto: Abierto
Publicado: Hace 3 meses
Duración del proyecto: 3 - 4 meses
Horas requeridas: No definido
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Habilidades requeridas: Soporte Administr...

I am looking for a female virtual assistant that can help me correspond with people on the internet using sites like facebook, christianmingle, etc. The person must be bi-lingual and have strong English writing skills.

The objective of this work is to identify men who are professionals, have a college education, between 22 to 32 years old, who are evangelical christians (baptist, pentecostal, non-denominational, etc) who are single.

The virtual assistant will:
1. do internet searches to find people that fit this criteria.
2. find websites that have men that meet this criteria (like dating websites)
3. make the initial contact. If the person meets the criteria, then I will take over the conversation with the person.

Websites that will be used are facebook, linkedin, christianmingle,, eharmony, christian medical and dental asssociation, etc.

This job will be for 24 months. I estimate around 5 to 15 hours per week

Category: Admin Support
Time required: Up to 5 hours
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time
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Jose C.
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