Yield Farming and Funding in Eth 2.0 chain

Published on the June 16, 2022 in IT & Programming

About this project


# YOCe.api
Ethereum 2.0 chain

It´s a plataform wiht farm and stake like all other defi´s and also has a fund raising plataform to launch new token´s projects;
-The Project will be developed  from scratch.
-The dev´s  work are create design + frontend(admin and client) + smart contract + backend.
- Project design creation and make it accessible and friendly to smartphones , tablets and desktops.

-01 - Full defi with :
  -01.A- Creation of the house tokens with a limited amount to be minted during a determinated time
  -01.B- Token Name YOCe - Will be minted throught around 3.5 years  , inital amount 1%.
The token will be minted and distributed to farms / stakes every time it has a new block.
This token will be listed in coinmarketcap , coingecko and etc...
  -01.C- Creation of stable coin paired wiht dollar named YUSD (baked with 25% of YOCe + 75% USDC).
  -01.D- Connect the page with wallets.

-02 - Menu

  -02.A- Menu list: (Must be fixed in the top )

          (-Swap -Charts) Sub Menu
  -02.B- A box to show which chain it is on (Ethereum) and also show the other chain options.
  -02.C- YOCe value in USDC.
  -02.D- Yusd value in USDC.
  -02.E- User´s wallet.

-03- Dashboards/Home

  -03.A- House tokens real time situation wiht charts and prices.
  -03.B- Amount of Total TVL.
  -03.C- Explanation of the platform.
  -03.D- Trading volume of the last 24 hours.

-04- Trade

  (Swap)-04.A- System to trade tokens to house and Projects tokens.
                -04.B- System to make the liqudiity pairs.
                -04.C- With slippage tolerance.
  (Charts) -04.D- Charts of house tokens and project tokens.

-05- Farms

  -05.A- YOCe is gonna be used to pay all the interest rates in farms and pools .
  -05.B- House Token will have a Tokenomics.
  -05.C- Pairs will be offered to farm YOCn. Aprox 10 pairs
  -05.D- Box for each pair , with APR ,total amount in liquidity , link to create pair in question , link to pair information and Harvest Button.
  -05.E- Fee for contract approval.
  -05.F- Fee for pair approval.
  -05.G- Capacity to create the pairs in the platafform .
  -05.H- Multiplier be able to be customized.

-06- Pools/Stacking

  -06.A- YOCe is gonna be used to pay all the interest rates in farms and pools .
  -06.B- House Token will have a Tokenomics.
  -06.C- Box for each pool , with APR ,total amount in liquidity , link to exchange the token in question , link to token information and Harvest Button.
  -06.D- Will have a auto compound stack wiht House Token without any fee.
  -06.E- All others tokens stacked will have this fee´s.
  -06.F- WIthdraw fee 0,1% in 07 days.
  -06.G- Deposit fee 2.5%
  -06.H- Approval fee.
  -06.I- Will be offered aprox.. 10 stake/pool options.
  -06.J- Multiplier be able to be customized.

  (Funds raising area who works like crowd funding for unique projects).
  -07.A- Each proejct will have theis unique token.
  -07.B- All tokens in this area has limited amount of tokens.
  -07.C- All the tokens has a pre determined value (Open Projects).
  -07.D- All tokens will have soft and hard cap.
  (Example : The project A must fund more than 70% to start the project in a determinated period of time, and if that doesn't happen, return 100% of the money invested to the user , everything needs to happen throught smart contract).
  -07.E- Also needs a system to distribute dividends automatic to funds tokens owner´s based on a predetermined date snapshot. Need´s to read the wallets from the snapshot with their percentagem from given project tokens , to make the distribution from the profit wallet.
  -07.F- System to make polls wiht funds tokens owner´s .
  -07.G- A percentage system that shows how much has already been raised for the project.
  -07.H- Three areas inside the funds ( Open Project - Projects are open to receive funds) ,
OnGoing Projects ( Projects that managed to reach the soft cap of 70% and have already started) ,
NotGoing Projects ( Projects that failed to reach the soft cap of 70% and have already had their funds 100% returned).
  -07.I- Projects needs to move to the areas automatic. First we launch in Open Project , then automatic goes to Ongoing or Notgoing depends what happens with the project.
  -07.J- Leave an admin system for the implementation of new projects in the fund area.
  -07.K- All the project tokens with reach 100% of fund raise will be listed in open market to user´s buy and sell the token .
-07.L- The user will collect the rewards throught a “Claim” button. The money is available for collection for 03 months , until the next dividend payment.
-07.M- The user will collect the money back throught a “Refund” button. The money is available for collection for 12 months .
-07.N- The money will be avaible to claim or refund during a period of 03 months  , then They will go back to the wallet.
-07.O-The fund raise area will sell the tokens with usdc , refunds will be in the same token usdc and payments of dividens will be make in yusd.


  -08.A- To do auction wiht NFTS.
  -08.B- Users can list their own NFT here , where they can set the start price , minimum sell price and duraton of the auction.
  -08.C- Comission rate 2% ( But needs a system that we can easily change that).
  -08.D- The prices will be in the YUSD our stable coin.
-09- Lottery

  Will be done in another project .

-10- Media

  -10.A-All the medias of the projects.(Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, Telegram , Medium)

  (Projects Infos) -11.A- All tht infos of your platform and fund raise projects.
  (Tokenomics)-11.B- House Token Tokenomics.
  (White Paper)-11.C- White Paper.
  (Audits)-11.D- Audits
  (Road Map)-11.E- Road Map
  (Docs)-11.F- Docs
  (Feedback)-11.G- Feedback area(To send messages to admin)
  (Polls)-11.I- Voting polls and results.


-The site needs to have a user friendly layout.
-Set and install the Project in designated VPS.
-Need to set all the perminent files in the git hub project page.
-We will have weekly meetings to check progress and development of the project.
-We will use a project manager program to set the tasks (example Monday).
-Project Completed is (100% tested and functional).
-All the logos are ready.
-All mathematics are ready .

Project overview

A crowd funding kind of site in blockchain wiht a Yield farm also.

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Web development
What is the scope of the project? Create a new custom site
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have specifications
Required availability As needed
API Integrations Other (Other APIs)
Roles needed Developer, Designer

Delivery term: Not specified

Skills needed

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