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Php page to create invoice online receiving parameters thru Url

Presupuesto: Abierto Publicado: Hace 2 años Plazo: 14 días Propuestas: 13
A php page (createpdf.php) that generates as output a single PDF file containing an invoice layout (A4 page size) filling key fiedls with the received parameters
Example on the invocation method for this php page:'string1'&parameter2='string2'...&ParameterN='stringN'
All 'stringN' text should be placed as per the following layout:
If any of the 'stringN' values is not present it should be treated as blank, the php page should be able to export pdf even if some parameters are missing (those fields would be blank in the invoice layout)
All parameters should be treated as strings
Behaviour upon invocation: A browser dialog asking for 'Save as', a pdf file download to local computer
The exported .pdf file should have the following file name: Invoice - Parameter30 - Parameter31 - Parameter3 - mmddyyyy
mmddyyyy = current system date
Example layout (same as previous one, without overlay text)
Programming language: PHP only
If any 3rd. Party module/app. Is required make sure to explicit which one and specify if licensing is required
You can finde the scope of this project (same as above) here also for easier reading and analysis:
Thank You
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Publicado por: Diego C. Argentina
Método de pago: Verificado

Diseño de Pdf interactivo.

Presupuesto: Abierto Publicado: Hace 2 años Propuestas: 4
Hola necesito un programador/diseñador de documentos PDF para crear un documento interactivo donde:
1. Pueda tener links
2. Generar solapas
Navegar distintas secciones
4. Baja archivos
5. Formulario con datos para completar
Restringir accesos
Nosotros haríamos en diseño en psd o ai y necesitaríamos del programador para darle funcionalidad.
Habilidades requeridas:
Publicado por: Lucio R. S. Argentina
Método de pago: Verificado