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Editar um teaser de uma campanha para um crowdfunding.

Category: Design & Multimedia
Subcategory: Video
What do you need?: Edit an existing video
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
I will provide: Original film
Target audience: 15-35anos
Duration: ~3min
Hey, I'm Bruno Hipolito and I'm an entrepreneur, investor and consutant. I'm from Brazil and I'm 23.

I'm starting my own online business with my website: which is being developed yet and my social medias: facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram. Which are all starting from scratch.

I have a few products, they are about money, high performance, business marketing, sales, economics, productivity, persuation... So very professional and about success.

I already have somebody working on my website so I don't need you to work on that.

I need the images for my social media. This should represent the spirit of my business and my personal image and branding. They need to be great and convey the same message to the audience. This is good branding.

The problem is that I don't have great professional high quality and stylish photos.

I have a few good personal photos that I can send to you so you may try to edit and photoshop (I show you an example of that) or try to use stockimages to make it great (I send an example attached too)

The image that I wanna people see and think about me is of a young successful entrepreneur that is growing fast and cares about other to teach them what they need to progress toward success also.

I don't want to show off or be arrogant, just show high value and get credibility, authority and the right positioning in the market.

So this is basicly the creation of a few images, but the important thing is the idea behind that, to demonstrate all that concepts I just talked about.

If you think you can do a great work about it and have a good idea show me something or explain it to me.

I hire who I thing has the best quality for the best price, of course. I have other jobs just like that about logos, social media images and much more.

So if you are the right person and delivers a great work with great price, you can expect many future jobs with me.

If you have any questions, doubts or want to talk to me about anything just send me a message and let's talk.

I'm attaching here a picture of me and the picture that my guy created with it to get a better image for the website. Also an image of a great example of what I think is good work from Grant Cardone's team.

Of course I'm looking for great ideas, but I also think that the images should have my website URL and my name featured. Also, maybe it is a good idea to show some words about what all my work is about, for example: success, ultra performance, marketing, sales, lifestyle. (in portuguese of course, but I send the words later)

So that's it, I need this idea for the images of my social media and maybe to use on my website, because I use sliders there to capture emails, and great images would fit perfectly there also. But this is another job, because each slide talks about different product so the image should be congruent with the message.

Let's start with the social media imagens, then who I hire and delivers great work and price, I'll give a lot more work.

So that's it. Thank you for your attention and for reading all of this description.

Can't wait to hear your ideas.

I'll be waiting for your message with your idea and price for doing the job.

Categoria: Design & Multimedia
Subcategoria: Imagem Corporativa
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
We need to produce 1 video, with 1 min approx.
The video will explain what Storyteller does.
This is a reference of what we want:
We will send you: briefing + the script + Storyteller's visual guidelines + 2 Audios (1 english, 1 portuguese)
What do we need from you:
1) Draw the storyboard based on the sketch we will give you;
• Deliver: 1 PDF
• Deadline: 2 days to draw the storyboard (after kickoff the project)
2) art direct the video
• Deliver: JPGs of all scenes
• Deadline: 3 days to design all the scenes (with 2 checkpoints minimum during the process)
3) Produce the videos (animation/motion Graphics+sync the animations with the provided audio)
• Deliver: 2 hd video, 1080 FullHD (1 for portuguese audio, 1 for english audio)
• deadline: 5 days (with 2 checkpoints minimum during the process)
you'll be involved for 10 days aprox.
Kick-off: April 7 2014
Deadline: April 18 2014
About Storyteller
Storyteller is a global presentations design studio that helps start-ups, innovative and fast growing companies to maximize their potential.
Storyteller believes in a better world:
• Where more people have the best tools to start their own successful business and unleash their passion and potential.
• Where more people work at what they are unique in a collaborative way independently from where they are based.
• Where more companies succeed offering innovative services and products that increase quality of life.
The job is to develop 11 education interactions along with the editing tool content. The design elements will be developed and sent by us. It is required to be developed in HTML5/CSS3, Javascript.
It will be necessary to integrate with LMS (learning management system) platform using SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standard errors and a simple score pronunciation API (which was developed by us).
The application will load within a web page, which is bounded in the required format. A brief mention of the elements present in the interactions is in the file attached. The final design elements and explanation of the operation will be sent after the deal closed.
Besides this work, we have more cool stuff to be develop. It will be great to start working together!
Habilidades requeridas:
* Selección de palabras claves para alcanzar nuestro público específico.
* Crear campañas para Brasil (São Paulo) y Estados Unidos (California) en Google Adwords, LinkedIn y FacebookAds.
* Crear remarketing para las campañas con banner.
* Edición y grabación de videos.
* Crear un informe semanal de todas las campañas sobre el desarrollo y avances para la reunión semanal.
* Optimización de las Campañas.
* Acompañar los presupuestos.
* Realizar los cambios necesarios al Site de La Clave Global para alcanzar los resultados propuestos.
* Analizar los informes del Google Analytic y reveer las mejores estrategias con la Gerente encargada y Director. Una vez a la semana.
* Conocomientos de programación.
* Conocimientos de Web designer.
* Especialista en Adwords y OC
* Idioma español y portugués.
* Visión en marketing.
La Clave Global es una empresa ubicada en el mercado brasileño desde hace 12 años. Formamos a ejecutivos en el idioma español de negocios.