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Hace 2 años

Mobile android (Jsf)

We have an important mobile project.
Using java language j2me.
We need to do contact before to explain the project and actual status.
Using sql and mysql server for server app.
Is needed knowledge with webservice as well.
---------Mai 25th---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We have included more informations with files attached.
Please find attached files and let us know if you have any questions.
1) First of all, is needed to complete the scenario web Page Administrator
2) second one, starts the mobile Game Development
*FOR NOW we are working only item (1);
Hace 3 años

Mobile Game

To make a simple game like GameDev Tycoon. Just 1 level, 3d . I will need all sources and sources code in C#.
Can use free assets from web, no problem with that. How much it will cost and how many time?
If all assets were created exclusively to this project, the project's price can rise.
Mais detalhes sobre esse projeto:
* Requisitos: Unity 3d C# programming
3d Model and animation
game design document
* Tipo de aplicativo: Aplicativo novo
* Modo de execução do aplicativo: Aplicativo autônomo
* Plataformas em que deve funcionar: iOS / Apple, Android, Windows 8
* Funcionalidade principal do aplicativo: Jogo
* É necessário desenvolvimento de Look & Feel: Sim
* Comentários adicionais: Use GameDev Tycoon as example.
If all assets were created exclusively to this project, the project's price can rise.
We are developing a puzzle game for iOS devices and we need a talented and committed artist / illustrator / studio to make all image assets of the game (gameplay and menus). Here's what we need the artist to be:
- Able to make top notch art
- Great at working with colorful and bright environments
- Great with cartoon drawing and making funny or captivating characters
- Bonus if the artist had any game related work experience
- Communicative, we don't want to be sitting in the dark while someone develops the art; the artist will work together with the art director, sending sketches and mockups as the artist progresses and adjusting them accordingly to our feedback
- Creative, great with details, transforming something ordinary into a beautiful asset (ie. buttons and boxes)
If you are interested, please send us a link of your portfolio!