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Data aggregation website

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 14 days Bids: 2
We need to build a prototype of the website that aggregates massive amount of data related to rental activity in different geo-locations.
To begin with we need to scrape rental data from publicly available websites and put it against some other metrics.
Key elements to be considered for this project are:
- previous experience and proof record working with and creating customization for Google Maps
- experience building heatmaps
- ability to put together the front end using framework of your own choice
- experience working with scraping software and knowledge of its limitations
- a "get shit done" attitude
Project flow overview:
1. Extract specific data elements from 2-3 given websites
2. Make sure data parsed based on geo-locations (cities, ZIP codes, neighborhoods)
Extract different data elements from other 1-2 websites that are different from #1
4. Make sure data is parsed by the same geo-locations as in #2
5. Aggregate data from #1 and #3 based on geo-locations from #2 and #4
Implement an algorithm (to be provided) that would evaluate specific metrics based on geo-locations from #2 and #4
7. Present aggregated data set from #5 on Google Maps
8. Create a heatmap of the aggregated results
More detailed specs will be provided to the successful candidates.
This is not a task for a junior developer. 3 yrs+ of hacking skills required.
Published by: vadim o. Last reply: 2 years ago United States