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Dek Wilde uses code as a source of inspiration. He creates immersive projects and produces visual and sound aesthetics processed in real time and believes that digital is the way to social liberation. He follows the concept of “do it yourself”, constantly looking for less expensive and more sustainable alternatives in his projects. Interested in creating sensorial experiences, he focuses on new forms of interface and control. Always looking for tools to automate and optimize productivity. His main purpose is to explore the relations between art and technology.

Dek Wilde is a game developer and also a developer of various interactivities, both for mobile and other types of consoles. Now he works as a Senior Web Developer at the 6P Marketing and Advertising agency (www.6p.com.br) - Ribeirão Preto - SP - Brazil. He has already worked as a Flex Builder AS3 Plenium Developer at Grïngo.nu, a former publicity agency. Currently, He has been developing partnership projects of applications, stands and installations with artists, museums, institutions and companies. He also teaches workshops at cultural sites such as SESC SP - Brazil. As an artist, he performs presentations of Video Mapping, Scenography for concerts and Installations and plays the acoustic guitar and the piano as a hobby.
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* 6P Marketing e Propaganda (Marketing e publicidade): Ganhador de vários prêmios, o trabalho consiste em criar soluções de negócios para os clientes na internet