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When I was 10 years old, my father bought our first PC. Since then I knew that I would love to work with this. I had no idea of what was software development in that moment. God. I didn't know what was software in that time.

Then I discovered it and became passionate. I always loved logic problems and was always loking for new challenges and programming whitout knowing english was quite a one. I really like games, so I started trying to make one. I make a few, using free engines with scripting language, but never published anything.

Today, almost ten years after I discovered what was software development, I yet have the love for this area. Trying to learn new technologies, create new systems, make things to help people to work better... That's something I want for life.

When I'm not working or studying I like to read Fantasy books and play video-game. I love to make trips and knew new people.


Development Technologies: C#, Java, PHP, Python, C, C++, Ruby, NodeJS.

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB.

Front-end Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular.js, Bootstrap.

Virtualization: VMWare.
Histórico freelancer
* Argo Solutions

* Self-employed: I work developing systems, starting from the survey of the requirements with the client, through the creation of documentation, programming, testing and deployment of the system. By working as a freelancer, every day is a new challenge. Developing systems for a client who asks for a technology that i'm not familiar is a routine. The commitment to learn the technologies and deliver a quality system is always a priority. I worked with PHP, Ruby, C #, C ++, Java, among others. I used, for the most part, the kanban for organizing tasks.