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A journalist with more than 20 years of experience in publishing business and economics. I've worked with newspapers, corporate magazines, magazines, and e-government websites. I have critical thinking skills, healthy skepticism, the habit of asking questions and researching to find relevant information on certain subjects.
Developed skills in data journalism, researching large open source databases, mining and data scraping, advanced search meta-search in format repositories to retrieve legal documents, commercial, professional.
I have been using these skills and performing Due Diligence freelance work on the Portuguese for EthiXbase. Analyze and review media articles and summarize them; bankruptcy of companies; profiles identified in the media and in restrictive national lists involved in economic crimes and offenses, money laundering, corporate registration with a partner and corporate research. Restricted international and national lists, information from individuals and organizations. Investigation of legal proceedings in all Brazilian states. Lists of positive and/or negative research in companies regarding compliance with environmental, social and labor legislation, in accordance with the parameters adopted in the Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy.

Interest in expanding the customer base of the media analysis of Due Diligence in Portuguese language country. I have professional experience in data research, senior profile, knowledge, experience and complete understanding of the political, social and economic issues of Brazil and Latin America that help me to perform my functions to identify vulnerabilities of contracted third parties and to help companies mitigate their risks.
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* HackPack.Press (Serviços da informação): Due diligence research for EthixBase, a due diligence agency that focuses on helping clients fight bribery and corruption by outsourced contractors. Media reviews, database search, interviews, and visits to third-party partner sites to ensure outsourced vendors are conducting activities in accordance with their code of conduct. The clients are banks, law firms and pharmaceutical companies from the USA, Singapore, South Korea and China.

* Beta version: data journalism, longform and multimedia to talk about cities, energy, water, natural resources, climate change, people and places, pollution, public policies, green economy, globalization, mobility, sustainability and many other subjects.

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