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Henrique Q. D.

Owner at DrumondCloud

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.NET Xamarin Design de App Mobile

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I am an IT executive with a strong background in development, management and IBM and Microsoft solutions.

I have been involved in technical and pre-sales for several years, helping to strengthen partnerships with customers / suppliers and aggregators offering solutions to customers.

The projects included solutions area: EAM, ITSM, Service Provider and CRM in companies with target are economize and have a qualitative leap in its operations, making them more simple and objective. Among the companies that have implemented such projects include: Vale, Petrobras, Duke Energy, SERPRO (Internal Revenue Service of Brazil), ULTRA, etc.

Currently I work as founder and manager. My latest challenge is concentrated in DrumondCloud, the startup that has one cloud solution for business where I became expert. DrumondCloud has one solution very aggregator, competitive and innovative way; and that always provides measurable results to clients.

In his spare time, always look for new ideas to be implemented, connected or not to DrumondCloud.

Specialities: Field Service, CSC, ITIL, Project Management, Cost Management, development and marketing
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