IURI D. freelancer experiente em Python, Java, C


Linux Hacker and Systems Engineer

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Python Java C

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Experience with technologies, protocols, softwares and another things related to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such traffic shaping, traffic control, firewalls, webservers, proxies, ...

Experience in application development for desktop environments, client/server environments and low resource environments (embedded systems)

Experience with PBX.

Experience with set-up-box for Digital TV.

Always interested in embedded systems, applications development, network technologies, Digital TV, VoIP and device drivers.

Novell Data Center Technical Specialist - Fev 2010
Novell Certified Linux Administrator - Jan 2010
JAVA 2 Fundamentals Certification - November 2008
Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 - May 2005
Histórico freelancer
I'm a past developer of VLC [http://www.videolan.org/]