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Josafá L.

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My Name is Josafá, I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, I was born in 1991 so at this moment i'm 28.

I have a degree in Foreign Affairs thus I have already worked in a few jobs in this area but besides that I have studied English for over 10 years and am I touch with it for 15, my father is a Spanish teacher so for all my life I have been in touch with this language, I have studied French at Alliance Français for 5 years and German in a highly graduated Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, the university is called UFRJ and the language department is called CLAC.

As I work also as a Travel Agent (a family business) I have already traveled quite a lot and and only to France (didn't know french yet) I have visited without knowing how to speak myself, but I've travelled mostly to all South America but Venezuela and the Guianas, have travelled to the States, South Africa, England, Portugal and Spain, all those countries with me speaking it's language and doind perfectly well. About translation, I have already translated specifically to engineering (pumps and valves, nuts and stuff like that), have already worked as an English teacher and work nowadays as a volunteer subtitling a few series in a company called "InSanos", my nickname is Josa.

I'll be happy to be of your help.

Best regards,
Josafá Lopes
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- Tradutor na área de Comércio Exterior
- Legender de séries e filmes na equipe chamada InSanos, em assuntos gerais, sob o nickname "Josa".
- Intérprete na empresa TGMC
- Professor de inglês na Escola Coelho Sabido.
- Agente de Viagens.
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