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15+ years of Marketing and Operations experience, with a solid expertise in strategy, product development, retail, marketing, operations and sales.
•    High knowledge in Digital Marketing, including Google Adwords, Facebook and other social media platforms. Ability to create, publish and manipulate ads to drive new traffic and conversion.
•    Gatekeeper between Operations and Marketing with impressive results in the management of strategic projects focused on generating increased frequency in consumer purchasing.
•    International Career: 5 years in Latin America, with a residency in Buenos Aires – Argentina.
•    Able to be accountable and responsible for implementing the Board of Director’s or Senior Executive's strategic targets, assembling and coordinating multifunctional and multidisciplinary groups throughout several areas, with the purpose of aligning company’s strategy, with an emphasis in maximizing growth and profitability.
•    Capable of developing new product lines and service lines across multiple geographic zones.
•    Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Marketing, a Post-Graduate in Results and Control Management, also a graduate of the Harvard University ManageMentor® program.
•    Great cultural knowledge of Europe, Asia and the Americas, has visited 72 countries. Enjoys volunteering and helping others, spent 3 weeks working at a girl’s home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Marketing professional with the confidence to take calculated measured risks; who stays current by attending marketing conferences and following thought leaders in the marketing industry.
Histórico freelancer
Director of Marketing – Las Vegas Area, NV
Family Music Centers – May 2018 to present
(30 employees, 4 units, gross profit of $4 million).
Supervisor: CEO; Direct Personnel: 1 Customer Service / Sales Team / 2 Advertising Agencies / 1 PR Agency / 1 Printer – Unable to post budget for 2019.

    Lead and integrate efforts across Marketing, Sales, Merchandising, IT, Creative and Operations to maximize business growth, profitability, and overall impact in the marketplace.

Work closely with the President/CEO to ensure company wide teamwork and collaboration in the successful execution of Marketing/Promotional plans as well as coordination to the overall company brand strategy. Thus ultimately energizing sales and lead generation efforts.

Oversee design, product development, pricing and support to drive stronger retention and new customers. Capable of developing, strategizing, implementing, adjusting and executing plans over multiple month campaigns.

Ongoing budget allocation and spend reporting.

Personally responsible for developing and managing a new website, e-commerce, Google Ads, social media, marketing strategy and plans to the brand. While using all relevant tools that support the division of the Music Academy to grow active customer base to an increase of more than 30%. Directly overseeing marketing projects from start to finish.

Creation of all types of ads (Google ads, social media, mailers, newspaper, videos, email blast, etc). Highly capable with ad results data, metrics, and reporting to adjust marketing efforts to increase efficiency and maximize results. Ultimately leading to building brand awareness, better positioning and sales.

High knowledge in Digital Marketing, including Google Adwords, Facebook and other social media platforms. Ability to create, publish and manipulate ads to drive new traffic and conversion.

Vice President of Home and Office Delivery (HOD) – Las Vegas NV
Real Water  – Jan 2017 to Jun 2018
(50 employees, 4 factories, gross profit of $12 million).
Supervisor: CEO / COO; Direct Personnel: 1 Plant Manager / 1 Sr. Driver / 1 Customer Service / Sales Team – Unable to post budget for 2017.

    Responsible for ensuring that the business operation is efficient and effective, the proper management of resources, distribution of product to customers and developed growth strategies based on market research, competitive intelligence and strategic frameworks.
    Handled day to day Operations through transition and startup of new service lines.  Hired and managed all employees and activities; including Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Delivery, Quality Control and Marketing.
    Real Water is a premium, drinking water with 8.0 pH that utilizes the proprietary E2 Technology, making it the only drinking water on the market that can maintain a stable negative (-) ionization. Exclusive rights to the proprietary E2 Technology extend throughout North America – the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Area Director of Sales and Marketing – Brazil
Dr. Agora (Minute Clinic/CVS - Brazil) – Nov 2016 to Jan 2017
(94 employees, 6 units, gross profit of R$1 million).
Supervisor: CEO / 7 investors; Direct Personnel: 1 Sr. Analyst / 1 Coordinator / 1 Manager / 2 Advertising Agencies / 1 PR Agency - Accountable for R$1 million budget in 2016.

    Reporting directly to the CEO, responsible for building and leading a growing Marketing and Sales group to develop and execute integrated marketing strategies. Using expertise in brand development, content development, digital marketing, social engagement, product marketing, PR and analyst relations, advertising, events, and metrics.
    Working cross-functionally to design, execute and manage campaigns through content, research, digital and offline channels. Objectives are to increase awareness, credibility with thought-leadership content, and support revenue with the implementation of campaigns/programs to reach diverse customers.
      Started the startup with three people and myself. My duties were hiring people, training, formulating overall sales and marketing strategies, as well as implementation and execution. I managed the growth of the monthly sales from zero to six figures.
• Directed insight-driven end-to-end analytic support for e-commerce, retail and business to business channels, this included planning, execution and measurement. Influenced CEO & executives and ensured acceptance and approval of recommendations, followed by implementation and results.
• Managed marketing strategy of corporate website including complete re-design, applying user friendly concepts.
• Sales and performance measurement, evaluation and optimization.
• Implement standards in KPIs, tracking, measurement and reporting for multi-channel plans that include paid media, social, web, apps, pricing, direct marketing and PR.
• Drive organizational and process change to prospect and develop new opportunities.
Create custom and standardized reporting to discern trends, patterns and correlations.

Marketing Operations Senior Country Manager – Brazil
McDonald’s Corporation – Apr 2014 to Nov 2016
(44 thousand employees, 890 units, gross profit of R$ 6.7 billion).
Supervisor: Operations Vice-President / Marketing Vice-President; Direct Personnel: 1 Sr. Analyst / 3 Consultants
Accountable for R$5.8 million budget in 2015 / R$7.6 million budget in 2016.

    Responsible for implementing Board of Director’s strategic targets, assembling and coordinating multifunctional and multidisciplinary groups from several areas in the company. With the purpose of aligning the Brazilian company’s strategy throughout all Latin America, focusing on maximizing growth and profitability.
    Responsible for the corporate development of the Children and Family Marketing Strategy, which constituted 40% of the overall sales. I directly managed the execution of its respective project, 'Hospitality' to name one, which ultimately reverted negative sales trends and, increased company’s overall sales by 4%.  The strategy was through the development and introduction of a new position, and also the implementation of new products and support actions, such as, development of new furniture and merchandising pieces. This led to Brazil obtaining a distinct premium service varying from other regions around the world.
    I was tasked with the promotion of Marketing Campaigns to diminish competitor’s impact, through geographically mapping of prices, as well as, monitoring consumer trends. I increased the entire country market share by 2% in the first two quarters that I was in charge.
    During my work with the marketing strategy concerning Sustainability I was responsible for such duties as packaging redesign, events and coordinating with international non-profits such as Forest Stewardship Counsil to promote a more beneficial image for the McDonald’s brand.
    Developed activities in hard pressure environments, performed an integral role among the main superior positions in the company, thus delivering on the stakeholders’ expectations and strategies.

Winner of Circle of Excellency LATAM 2015 “Círculo da Excelência LATAM 2015” – McDonald´s Global.

Operations and Training Development Country Manager – Brazil
McDonald’s Corporation – Feb 2013 to Apr 2014
(44 thousand employees, 890 units, gross profit of R$ 6.7 billion).
Supervisor: Operations Vice-President / Marketing Vice-President; Direct Personnel: 1 Jr. Analyst / Indirect Reports: 6 analysts.

    Created and implemented the new “Desert Kiosk” concept, including designing layout, sourcing equipment and developing Standard Operating Procedures. In Brazil this operational changed allowed an increase of customers and sales in the amount of 13% in the first 2 months.
    I also created and executed Standard Operating Procedures focused on new products, with the goal of generating significant improvement within a short term. Utilized high problem-solving skills in the implementation of marketing campaigns such as: “Monopoly” which was a national campaign. 
    I was the head in charge of this campaign and during its implementation I received all literature and guides from the United States McDonald’s corporations and then adapted this to Brazil.  This was a challenging task as the game Monopoly does not exist in Brazil.  I had to translate into Portuguese all texts, ideas, etc. and adapt them all to be received well by the Brazilian market.  I successfully achieved the execution of this campaign which resulted in an overall annual sales increase of 30%.  This was a huge success.
    Other campaigns included the World Cup products, as well as a monthly promotional product, such as new food items, price discounts of a selected item, etc.  In order to actualize all these campaigns, I was the person who conceptualized the idea and then coordinated with all the different areas within the company to see it come to fruition.  This included training guidelines for all staff, creating and booking advertising, full end to end implementation.
    I was also responsible for implementing main operational developments and all store staff training evolutions issued from LATAM corporate.  I would receive a directive from the corporate headquarters and then translate from Spanish to Portuguese and execute, implement, and perfect the contents throughout my region of Brazil.

Entrepreneur of a Small Business in Trade and Export– Argentina, Brazil, France, Paraguay, Germany
Cachaça Store - 2010 to 2013
(4 employees, online sales, gross monthly profit of R$ 35,000).

Channel Senior Manager Latin America Area - Buenos Aires, Argentina
McDonald’s Latin America - 2009 to 2013
(16 thousand employees, 210 units, gross profit of R$ 1.5 billion).
Supervisor: Operations Director, Argentina; Direct Personnel: 1 Jr. Analyst / Indirect Personnel: 2 analysts.

    Implemented Sales and Marketing Strategies across multiple channels and platforms, thus maximizing interaction with customers and generating higher sales.
    Managed the business segment focusing on Marketing, Advertising, Operations improvement, development of new technologies and products, Trade Marketing as well as Market Research.
    Developed new products for entire region as well as localized brand marketing campaigns in separate and different regions or countries within Latin America.
    I achieved excellent results in the different Marketing Campaigns, such as when I was put in charge of the McCafé brand.  This differs widely form the McCafé of USA, in Latin America there are specific locations called McCafé, that are coffee shops similar to Starbucks.  When I took this brand over there was 69 locations in Argentina, the goal that was given to me was to increase that number to 100 in 6 months.
    I achieved this goal and ended the six months with the opening of the 100th location.  I did this through much coordination through the different parts of the company as personally developing new product lines, sales strategies, an Standard Operating Procedures to increase efficiency.  One example of this was the introducing of new special coffee products, Vanilla Latte and Cappuccino Frappe were some of the most successful.  I also developed the idea of complimentary items, i.e. baked good products as an introductory incentive to boom sales for an opening. 
    Implemented and managed new product lines with a focus on the “Healthy” market segment.  This included re-branding McDonalds as a healthier alternative to other fast food options. As well as the overseeing of the Marketing and Operation of Drive-Thru and McDelivery strategies.
    Developed strong capability in communication and coordination of teamwork with multiple restaurant location’s Sales teams.

Marketing Coordinator – North of Brazil Area
McDonald’s Minas Gerais State - Brazil - 2003 to 2008
(34 thousand employees, 500 units, gross profit of R$ 3 billion).
Supervisor: Marketing Sr. Manager for Southeast region and Operations Sr. Manager. Direct Personnel: 3 Assistants.

    Managed the Trade Marketing Area in two of the largest states in Brazil, Minas Gerais and Bahia.  My duties were to analyze all metrics for a specific store, region of stores or other groupings to find trends, isolate problem areas or determine successful actions to duplicate.  I would review sales, attendance, store merchandising, as well as all cost factors then formulate a plan to revert negative trends or bolster positive ones. I would include in my plans how to train Sales teams, my market research, new merchandising ideas, and Marketing Strategies.
    I won the prize of “Special Recognition” for my work and ideas that were then adapted and used in the National Marketing Strategies.  I was recognized for my achievements not only as I produced high level results, but I did this at a very young age.  I was only 19 when I took this position and grew to supersede the goals I had and the targets I was given.
    Developed Standard Operating Procedures and bolstered relationships among suppliers in order to decrease costs and optimize attendance, this resulted in a total cost reduction of 18% region wide.
    Conducted Market Share Analysis and Competition Monitoring to establish national competitive actions to surpass the other brands.  One specific competitor that I was given to combat was Burger King.  During my tenure at this position Burger King launched in the region. 
    I was given at this time a R$30,000 monthly budget to achieve my directive.  One very successful example of this was in the largest and most popular mall in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais.  Burger King opened a location in this mall where there was already a McDonalds location.  I was able to increase sales so much at this strategic location over the competitor that we eventually opened a second location in the very same mall.

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