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Maribel C.

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"Translating is creating a bridge between people, allowing them to understand each other"

I have been performing translations for more than thirty years from English to Spanish and vice versa, in a wide variety of subjects. My native language is Spanish, considering English as my second language studied at St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana USA. Besides, I have worked in a wide variety of jobs, holding positions ranging from Management Secretary to Administrative Assistant, Accounting Analyst, Criminal Judge Assistant, etc.. which required English to hold the positions requiring a high level of translation, proofreading and editing knowledge.

I have always attended Senior Management Staff, who in addition to my secretarial, accounting and writing skills and editing of texts, always valued my high motivation to achieve. I am a person with my criteria, always subject to the parameters provided by my contractors. High sense of responsibility with my work.
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* Autónomo [desde 2/2017]:
FREELANCER  TRANSLATOR/VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.  I have worked to Colombian, Spanish, Mexican, American, people, being able to be selected for some of them with small jobs, without discarding, someday, achieving a good contract. At this moment I am applying for several projects of which I feel very positive for obtaining them.

Work experience:

ALIMENTOS POLAR.  PRODUCTOS DE MAIZ, S.A. (PROMASA), Chivacoa, Bruzual, Yaracuy State. Work period from October 1990 to May 1994 I worked as Secretary of the Nutrition Management and Formulation of Concentrated Foods for Animals. Then I was promoted to inventory analyst of macros and micros products for the elaboration of these foods. All the material that came to the Management was translated by me, articles, brochures, POP material, manuals, correspondence, messages, and was presented to the veterinarians who worked there, duly transcribed, for their understanding

  INSTITUTO MEDICO DIAGNOSTICO (IMD), San Felipe, Yaracuy State, Venezuela. Position: Administration Analyst. The working period from June 1994 to December 1997. Functions: Control of administrative operations of the clinic, such as Cash, relations with Hospitalization, Surgery and Maternity insurance companies, bank deposits, Bank conciliations, Bank Book Keeping, Accounts payable, customer service, and others

HYDRO-AGRI, Venezuela, Position: Billing and Ship Control Analyst. Labor Period from January 1998 to November 1999. Company of Norwegian-Venezuelan capital, bulk importer of fertilizers BARCO VIKINGO. In addition to the accounting tasks inherent to the position, it presented, duly translated and transcribed, all the documentation between the main office, located in Oslo, and the branch of Venezuela. All the advertising material had to be translated and delivered to the design department for the elaboration of leaflets, leaflets, and labels for the retail sale of the products packaged here in Venezuela.

SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE OF VENEZUELA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTORATE OF THE MAGISTRATURE, Criminal Judicial Circuit of the Yaracuy State. Position: Assistant of Criminal Judges, working period from December 2000 to January 2017 (Retired by the Venezuelan State)
Office work: With the arrival of a new computer system that was acquired by the Venezuelan government to the Republic of China, to alleviate the workload for judges, secretaries, and assistants of the Judiciary, I was hired to work as a team to translate and transmit to the users of this automated system, its operation, all this from the city of Caracas. Handbooks translated from English to Spanish were developed, and videoconferences were designed to show how users of the JURIS 2000 Computing System obtained all the information necessary to operate the equipment, once the system was installed.

After 5 years in the personnel training department, I went to work directly with the criminal judges of my place of residence, where I was already in charge of the operative part of the System and I worked like the other users, systematically carrying the criminal records of my town next to a group of legal assistants.

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