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Job Description; - To provide technical support; answering support queries either onsite or via phone or e-mail - To maintain a high degree of customer service for all support queries and adhere... + details
Hi, can you assist with the implementation of VM placement algorithm in Cloudsim.Cloudcomputingison-demandandpayperuseaccesstothecomputingandnetworkresources.Virtualizationindatacentresmakesitpossi... + details
The Course should consist: Short subjects, with code sample and explanation. Per each point, I want to record a 2-5 minutes video. For example: - Selecting Dropdown boxes with Protractor. ... + details
I just need someone to program the cctv feed from my hardware, which is already installed. All cameras are installed already. + details
I have the code in R, and I'd like exactly the same thing in Python. I need this by Friday morning. I'll be completely available for any questions at any time. + details
Program needs to read a large text file 'notes.txt' and cut it up into smaller text files based on identifiers on each row. Smaller files to be moved to network locations, again based on identifier... + details

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