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To create an apps to monitor material in and out, keeping transaction record in cloud, order thru apps, separate record by location and users + details
I want to build mobile app (iOS and Android) containing several fitness exercises. For each exercise the users will be able to watch a video that explains them how to make the exercise. The apps w... + details
I want to create an app to help managers for their daily activities, the app should have, planner, voice notes, meeting, , shopping list, work groups, coworkers chat, task assigment, etc. + details
I have a excel built with formulas on 5/6 cells and output on 5/6 cells that i need translated to an App. I already have a mockup app built with the graphical interface using OpenApp, need a develo... + details
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I have the prototype on iOS 12. I need assistance to 1. Upload the prototype to my iPhone, iOS 12 2. Change the prototype to iOS 13 and upload to my iPhone and iPad Singapore only as I need to prot... + details

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