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We are a new skincare company based in Malaysia. We have single product, Treatment Foundation. Official launching on Early Dec 2019. We need to get our brand name reach as mamy people as possible.... + details
We are a new event space at puchong south, we needed a sales person and digital marketing person to help us to promote and get sales. A Space suitable for Private Gathering, Meeting, Seminar, Pr... + details
I will be your social media marketing expert, 1) I can do social media brand promotions. 2) I can do regular posting to obtained high organic reach, 3) i can run Facebook ads 4) Instagram mark... + details
I just opened up a shopify niche store looking for advertising expert for a monthly job. I want someone to do ads across all platforms I have accounts for. + details
Hi. For my new startup hicandi.com I need to set up a simple campaigns in adwords, linkedin and maybe facebook. I'm looking to target independent recruiters or talent acquisition professionals in M... + details
I need a e-commerce website as a selling platform that allow my customers to purchase our products online. Creative and attractive design of website that can help to boost sales and user-friendly. + details

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