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We are outsourcing a design project about beautifying 2-4 bicycles to fit in a theme (with Tai O cultural elements) Task: think of creatives and execute the design based on your idea proposal such ... + details
I need a graphic designer who knows how to use Kujiale to design 3D drawings for the interior decoration projects. This is web-based software and it is in the Chinese language. + details
Pengerjaan akan dikerjakan dengan detail, namun dengan kontrak/perjanjian yang jelas. Untuk kontak bisa berkomunikasi melalui email: yolandakeke26@yahoo.com + details
Need an application. Hi there, I am looking for a freelancer that can help me develop an application of a Blog/ Website Mentioned here to give you a little perspective - https://bit.ly/2XQp14p + details
A 3D model Characters will be provided (purchase form Turbosquid). Basically the it is a Robot character. You will need to edit & animate the character to become more alive & with certain criteri... + details
I need a graphic designer to help me render 3d models of signage with day and night light effects. Need help visualizing what the signage will look like with perspective. + details

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