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The project entails a programmer that specializes in sensor programming using Arduino. Another necessity is a licensed professional or anyone who could guide us into the development and fabrication... + details
INGLES I'm looking for a Python programmer that manages neural networks well and knows how to program with Deep Lerning, It is important that you know FOREX without having to be an expert. It se... + details
Develope database system of finance banking. Auto import and calculate, use excel and sql. Teamviewer to setup and permission user. + details
Dear everyone. Please review the detailed documentation below and ping me when you are available. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1--GKfad7uMc715QkOY0u4M3pKzcTu54EvbZUKRD0N4s + details
We are looking for a blogger preferably in tech field with a high engagement rate to become our influencer. Requirements: 1) target audience mostly consist of business customers 2) the number of su... + details
Hi im a student of utem. I have to make an assignment which contain of 40marks in subject. So the task is i have to make a programming of engineering problem solution. Eg : area of trapezium, press... + details

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