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We have photos of the tiles which are taken with a green screen already. Designer need to change background colour and slightly edit photos to be HD and shadow effect. Designer need to chang... + details
Good afternoon, I am looking for someone who can design my images for listings in amazon. Here I leave some referential links. https://www.amazon.com/Extract-Capsules-Anxiety-Supplement-Inflamma... + details
The company is a creative agency focused on musicians. What we need is someone that can design all type of images for social media accounts, logos, banners,... Etc. + details
We have designed a biology book that will be sold to our high school students. We are using our social media networks to sell this book. Therefore, we need 10 different styles of promotional materi... + details
Dspr team is a digital & creative agency in florida, usa & puerto rico. We specialize in creating content for business and public figures. We are looking to keep growing as a company, we right now ... + details
I am looking for freelancer to do photoshop / super imposing for my product to be used for my product brochure. I am looking at minimum 10pcs onwards as we have 100 over items. It will be good if y... + details

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