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Simple PHP Bidding System with 2 Interface(Admin & Student) that Involves two rounds, Reading Zipped CSV files and Performing Various Validations and Outputting in JSON Encode. + details
I'm looking for a man who has several laptops and wants to get money from one of them. You will get money monthly only for lending a laptop. If you are a man and you are interested in the job, plea... + details
Two actions: Disable a button after submission by a member but should be permanent and not only in the session. Calculate value from some questions and send the information for a database. + details
Hello, we developed an single page web application, the frontend is made with react/redux/javascript on git. Now we want use the new design for that application. We designed in Adobe XD, you find a... + details
Looking for a Caspio specialist to take over the development of an existing project. Need to be able to design printable reports, structure data access levels to ensure security, and redesign / sim... + details
Need to have a servlet created for login, twillo verrification and three web pages The first page will be a home page with only two links for now. One link "Procedures" to go to the second page (... + details

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