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Description: Simple website of perhaps 4 sections. All videos and comments related. Video creation interface such as iMovie, but in simple features: adding video, cropping video, adding Title scr... + details
Needs to hire 3 Freelancers We are Outlier.org and we are looking for talented developers to help us shape the future of education. Our platform has the world's best online, university-level cours... + details
Im use laravel for developing any project i have many relation in goverment. To integrate any application. bottom to up and up to bottom + details
The website https://www.niddk.nih.gov/bwp has a Javascript code that takes a handful of inputs and processes them to give a handful of outputs. The idea of the project is to reverse engineer the ja... + details
I wanna to rebuild my website www.magicandtalent.com Rebuild by using wordrpress, style or interface of design similar to Airbnb, more user friendly for mobile view, but just informative website wi... + details
1. We provide a data entry template format. 2. We offer data sources (web sites or files). 3. You enter the information into the correct format. 4. You self-check and submit the file to the designa... + details

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